Big Run Range


Concealed Carry Class Information


Big Run Range

1949 Big Run Road

Cutler, OH 45724




Don Holmes      740-551-2094

Dave Gribble     740-678-2350

Dave Malawista

Charlie Davisson



Concealed Carry Classes for 2016: By Appointment only.

                                                                          For Groups of Six or More

Contact Don Holmes for Group Training Information

Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Location: Decatur Community Building


Items to bring: Belt, Gun, Holster, Eye & Ear

protection, & at least 100 rounds of ammo.


Cost: $75.00 (mail payment to Don at

address above at least two weeks prior to the agreed

upon training date)


Lunch is provided.


Due to recent changes for State of Ohio Concealed

Handgun License training requirement regulations,

and training changes in progress by the National Rifle

Association with their Basic Pistol Course all training at

Big Run Range must be by appointment only, so that

the course meets the latest Ohio and NRA requirements

in effect at the time of the training.


If interested in signing up a group for a class, please contact

Don at the number above to get additional information

or to register.


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